Planning for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation signifies deep structural changes in the economy and society brought about by.the ICT revolution, and the associated “information” revolution. We have identified three critical inputs to the digital transformation planning process:

  1. Diagnosis of the provincial ICT ecosystem–a digital readiness assessment
  2. Identification of opportunities and threats in the province’s development strategy and the role of ICT’s and the knowledge economy in realizing this strategy
  3. The development and engagement of key stakeholders and leadership institutions

This website and the broader #kpgoestech campaign are part of a coordinated effort to prepare leaders at all levels to communicate and participate in the planning process, track achievements and create broad ownership.

The three critical inputs described above will be developed while adhering to the following values:

  • Sustainability (in public-private partnership arrangements and all new project planning)
  • Promoting digital inclusion, bottom-up efforts and community participation
  • Incremental, adaptive and iterative policy making and investments
  • A “healthy” internet underpinned by affordability, data safety, gender inclusion and equity